• Established in 1996, Rock International Tobacco Pte Ltd is a privately owned company. Rock International manufactures its own brands of cigarettes such as OKI, Bonjour, Rock and Zen. Our products are sold in more than 30 markets, and it is still expanding to reach to more consumers. Our aim is...
  • With tobacco being a global business, Rock International can make major contributions to the economies of the developed and developing countries. From Asia to Africa, Rock International sells to more than 30 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong to Sierra Leone, Somali, Somali and Angola...
  • OUR TOBACCO, one of the most significant part of our supply chain is tobacco growing. It’s an area of some of our greatest social, environmental and economic impacts. With our close partnership with Saber Leaf Pte Ltd we strive to develop a stronger, more sustainable operations, while also protecting the...

Our Location

Company Goal and Vision

- To grow our brands worldwide and expand the business from “seed to smoke”
- To strive to maintain brand loyalty of our consumers
- To preserve our brands, customers and consumers as our important assets
- To make quality tobacco products for the diverse preferences of millions of our customers and consumers worldwide

“At Rock International, we believe in local marketing and we aim to satisfy consumer demands better. "